Art. 3132

January 5th, 2013

PERAMM 60 is a mobile evacuation unit for shock absorbers, composed of a drill machine and an air-operated power supply unit.
The drill gun is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder which allows – by means of the power supply unit – to drill through the shock absorbers.
The power supply unit consists of a 100:1 – pneumatic pump which can achieve up to 500 bar pressure.
For the suction of the shock absorber oil and the hydro steer oil another pneumatic pump must be connected which transfers the sucked oil into the included 20 l – can.

Technical data drill machine

Diameter Drill stroke Max diameter shock absorber Length hose
15 mm 30 mm 60 mm 4 m


Technical data power supply unit

Compressed air supply Compression ratio    Max. outlet pressure Max. air consumption
2 – 5 bar 100-1    500 bar 120 l/min

Production of end-of-life vehicle drainage equipment

Toolservice Fluid is a Flexbimec brand specialized in the production of equipment for the dismantling and waste fluids drainage of end-of-life vehicles. All the operations of drainage allow a process of emptying and draining of liquids fuels and gaseous components at a professional level in full compliance with the European directive 2000/53/EC.
Flexbimec produces equipment and systems for the dismantling and depollution of end-of-life vehicles such us draining platforms, oil and fuel storage. The recovery of fluids and recovery of fuel is now running in perfect conformity to the safety systems and environmental requirements regulated by the applicable rules on remediation of end of life vehicles.

It is aimed at all professionals involved in the demolition of the car, mechanics, body shops and auto repair shops that need in their efforts of dismantling and depollution of vehicles through secure, efficient and technologically advanced systems.

The Directive and environmental liability.

The need to use specialized equipment for the dismantling and depollution of end-of-life vehicles is basing on the European directive 2000/53/EC. It regulates that all vehicle manufacturers and importers of new vehicles are obliged, together with all other affected economical operators of this sector – to take back the end-of-life vehicles from the market and to make sure that their components are dismantled and depolluted in a way that guarantees a respectful treatment of the environment and that until the end of 2006 the recycling and recovery rate of 85% of the material weight and until 2015 a rate of 95% must be achieved.

For the vehicle owners the take-back must be free of charge and it concerns all vehicles for the transport of max. 9 passengers and a weight of max. 3,5 t.

The directive defines the free-of-charge take-back of the vehicles like this:
- the vehicle must be delivered to a permitted treatment facility indicated by the vehicle manufacturer that takes it back free of charge;
- the vehicle must be complete or at least must include all essential components such us motor, gearbox, vehicle body, electronic components and catalyzer;
- the vehicle must not contain any type of garbage.

The environmental liability is an important factor of the FLEXBIMEC company philosophy.
Actually it gets involved with a continuous environmental protection as one of its essential company targets.

Depollution process

When an “end-of-life” vehicle has been delivered to a suitable facility, it will be dismantled and depolluted in a proper way, including the following operations:
- Drainage of all fluids (oil or gas form): petrol, diesel or gas air conditioning
- Dismantling of the battery and of the tyres
- Neutralization of the airbag system so as to deactivate the same in order not to create problems of safety in the process of demolition.
Each marketable part that is dismantled can be sold, except of the safety components which content pyrotechnic material (f. ex. Airbags, seat belt pretensioner).

With its brand “Toolservice Fluid“ FLEXBIMEC has developed a complete line of equipment for the dismantling and waste fluids drainage of end-of-life vehicles for professional users.

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